The work L-ESS does in lighting management undoubtedly contributes to energy savings.

Using local suppliers helps reduce our own carbon footprint in delivering our services.

However that’s far from declaring L-ESS “are green”.

L-ESS services are provided using best practices when working towards a less energy draining society.

Proclamations of “being green” using tired, overused images aren’t for us.

We personally prefer this lovely poppy photo to any boring green lightbulb!

Too many clients are misled on the green agenda, or mis-sold green products, or invest too much for too little on the green savings tick list or are given wrong calculations on proposals.

L-ESS don’t do any of this.

Our lighting management solutions will play a part in a client’s business being more “green” in approach and operations.

Being local and using local equipment and service providers on the Isle of Wight reduces all our carbon footprints.

That’s why we are green. Without putting green everywhere!