L-ESS isn’t distracted by anything else in and around energy use and eco-efficiency – we  just do lighting management.

And we just cover the Isle of Wight & surrounding areas.

Registered in 2012 L-ESS provides Lighting – Energy Saving Solutions to business owners and/or energy managers within larger organisations, helping reduce energy consumption through lighting management.

This focus quickly helps locals businesses identify where and how to save money, and implement solutions. Working with smaller companies up to and island branches of larger multi-national organisations, being local helps L-ESS to be superbly responsive.

Reviewing your lighting management is a quick, simple, effective and obvious choice for making energy and cost savings.

Lighting management is often the part of building energy consumption deemed too small for larger companies to consider looking at separately, instead they look at bigger capital expenditure projects such as replacing boilers, HVAC, BEMS etc.

It needn’t (and shouldn’t be overlooked).

L-ESS lighting management solutions give clients cost-saving control over existing lighting by using occupancy and daylight sensors, as well as looking at alternative light sources where control may not be a suitable solution.

L-ESS accept purchase orders or JCT Minor Works contracts for use by both Private and Public Sector organisations.